Ohio Advocate Network

Recognizing the need to publicly affirm the field of Victim Advocacy, establish professional standards, and encourage continuing education and specialized training, a coalition of victim service providers representing numerous statewide advocacy organizations formed the Ohio Advocate Network in 1994 and developed a registration protocol to benefit Victim Advocates and Allied Professionals working to assist crime victims in the state of Ohio. Acquiring and maintaining valid OAN Registered Advocate status attests that an individual has achieved a defined level of experience and knowledge in the victim assistance profession.

The Ohio Advocate Network Review Committee is dedicated to professionalizing the field of victim advocacy and maintaining a best-practice approach for credentialing. In 2016, the Committee instituted numerous updates to OAN policy and procedure. The updates were crafted with a continuing committment to offer a credentialing process that is achievable, affordable, and meaningful. As of June 2017, all updates will be in effect. All Applications have been revised to reflect the updates. Beginning with the June 2017 application cycle, the OAN Review Committee will only accept the revised Applications. Outdated Applications submitted for review will be returned.

Below you will find links to the Applications and all supporting documents necessary to apply for OAN Registration.  Please thoroughly review the information before completing and submitting the required documents.

To download a summary of the updates, CLICK HERE.